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Pre-leased Properties

What are Pre-Leased Properties?

Pre-leased properties are spaces that have already been rented out to tenants before you decide to buy them. So, when you purchase a pre-leased property, you're not just buying an empty space; you're buying a property that has already been leased out to brands who are using the space. This can be attractive to investors because it means your rental income starts from day one without having to find tenants yourself. It's like buying a house where someone is already living and you get the right to collect the rent right away.

Why to invest?

  • Immediate Rental Income: You get rental income from day one as the property is already leased to brands like Haldiram's, VIVO, Max Labs etc. The terms and conditions are also well established and tenancy is for fixed tenure which can be extended per the request of the brand and approval of the owner.

  • Established Location and Infrastructure: Pre-leased properties are typically located in established areas with existing infrastructure. This can be advantageous as the property is likely to be in a well-developed and easily accessible location, which can attract other tenants and contribute to the property's long-term value.

  • Potential for Capital Appreciation: Depending on the location and market conditions, pre-leased properties have the potential for capital appreciation over time. This adds to the overall return on investment.

  • Passive Investment: For those looking for a more passive investment strategy, pre-leased properties are a suitable option. Once the property is acquired and leased, the investor can enjoy a relatively hands-off approach to property management.

  • Tax Implications​​: Contact us for tax implications involved in pre-leased properties and our team of CA's will assist you.

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